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Wherein I point to my blogroll: therein lies my other hangouts on the internet. My ma.gnolia links (also on the sidebar) are supposed to be listing on this blog, but the feed isn’t working right now. Or rather, not working with wordpress.com.

I’ve recently gotten into Friendfeed, which basically shows anytime I do anything on the internet. Here’s mine.


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I’ve imported all my files from my wordpress.org site.  It’s not perfect, but still.  I will most likely not be updating this blog, but who knows? Once I get rid of my other site, the posts will be here.

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Eww, sounds like Austin. – Hank Hill

Last night, my sister and I watched the episode of “King of the Hill” that we had DVR’d on Sunday. I was so disappointed that I hadn’t known about the plot beforehand. It really was too perfect. I went ahead and wrote a post on it for Austinist (better late than never).

I tried not to show any side in my Austinist post, but I really did love the episode’s take on Austin’s gentrification. Sure, we can’t blame Peggy Hill for the rising property costs in East Austin, but still. People are buying houses in East Austin because it is less expensive than elsewhere in town, East Austin becomes a popular place to set up shop, and the rents go up because of it. So the people who have been living in that area of town for most of their lives are finding their property taxes rising.

This episode of the show may oversimplify the issue slightly, but the main feeling of it is dead on. A change in the demographics changes the flavor of a neighborhood. Ergo, the fish tacos become salmon tacos.

Oh, just watch the episode and see what I mean.

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Very moving

Our landlord came over last night to thank us for being patient tenants, and then told me that he is selling our condo. Our lease is through July, so we expect to be there through that. He says that the new guy (a friend of his) might want us to move out before then so he and his fiancee can move in. Well, if he covers our moving expenses, I’m open to it.

I’m a little disappointed, but not that surprised. Our landlord has been frustrated with our plumbing issues and more – I think he just doesn’t want to be a landlord anymore. And his friend really wants to take on the condo, even knowing about all the issues.

So, we will be moving. Again. And I won’t be able to walk to work anymore. Well, it was nice while it lasted. If I could afford to buy my own condo (and was determined to do it), this would be the market to do it in. But I think I’ll stick with renting for now.


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Sometimes I love being from Texas

A corrido for Obama [via Paige’s del.icio.us feed]. How awesome is that?

And then there’s Hillary’s attempt at moving Texans: Continue reading

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SxSW and church stuff

I’m volunteering at my church this year again for SxSW. I’ll admit I’m not overly familiar with many of the bands playing there. Since Leah and I are (planning on) volunteering Friday night, I’m listening to My Brightest Diamond and Clare & the Reasons and I really like (most of) what I hear.

Next weekend during the Film festival, I’ll be helping with the youth group’s lock-in. Last night I was trying to remember where my sleeping bag was and recalled that I gave it away when Austin was collecting supplies for Katrina evacuees. That shows you how often I use a sleeping bag! I’m honestly not the camping sort. . . well, unless it’s camping in a cabin.

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I thought I’d be able to get into the debate on Thursday, but I tried my (limited) connections and had no luck. There was no way I was going to enter in my birthdate on a non-secure connection, so I didn’t try for the Tx Dems lottery. So I’m going to the Alamo Thursday night to watch the debate instead. Ah well. I think it will be more fun, but less memorable than actually being there.

As far as voting, I’m pretty much stuck with Obama, aren’t I? I’m not voting for Hillary, and both Richardson and Edwards have dropped out of the race. I like Obama okay, but I am not feeling “fired up” anymore about him. I think I am getting worn out from the longest Presidential campaign ever. I watch BBC World news to try to escape from our national politics-centered news coverage, and they end up talking about our elections anyway.

I can’t escape.

But of course I am voting. I’m excited that our (Texas’) vote means something this time around, but I hate that I am feeling so close to over it. I’m usually way more into Presidential elections.

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