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Wrap it up

Sometimes I really miss Roly Poly. They used to have a location here in Austin at Jefferson Square. I would always order the Hickory Cristo (and they would deliver to the office). It was a hot wrap with turkey, lots of cheese, and spinach that came with a dip. YUM. They closed that location years ago, but every now and then, I remember the deliciousness that was that wrap.

I’ve approximated a version of the sandwich. The wrap I had for lunch today had fresh spinach, thinly sliced chicken meat, pepper-jack cheese, mustard greens, and light chive-and-onion cream cheese in a multi-grain wrap. It’s pretty good, but it’s a cold wrap. And on a cool day like today, I would have preferred the Hickory Cristo.



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Dear Food Network

If Christopher Walken had a cooking show, I would totally subscribe to it on my DVR. And if he happened to dance in the opening credits, well, that would just be tremendously great.


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Christmas means pie

I usually associate Thanksgiving with pie, but yesterday Leah went to this special sale and bought two pies for our family holiday get-togethers this Christmas. When she had told me she was going to buy pies, I didn’t realize they were for a good cause (partially).

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I’ll be hungry later this afternoon

I brought this for lunch today and I couldn’t eat half of it. It was gross. I was going to go to the gym after work, but now I’ll be hungry around 4, so I’ll probably just leave work early and have an early dinner.

Why did I even think that the orange sauce might be good?! Why?!?

I definitely need to go to the gym soon. . . I didn’t eat as much as I usually do on Thanksgiving (yay!), but it’s been too long since I worked out. Maybe tomorrow.

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Feminism is delicious.

Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem talk to Stephen Colbert about feminism and their new radio channel for women.

[Eat the Press]

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This made my Friday the 13th.

Megan Mulally is a little dull, but whatevs. It’s Benji and Heidi doing my favorite mambo!!

update: And I found this too. Even though it’s a live recording with not-very-good sound, I was moved. It’s still my favorite dance of the season!

Totally random: Last night I was sitting in my car in front of our house and a woman walked by and asked me something in Spanish. I was so dumbstruck that I couldn’t comprehend anything she said except for, “bunuelos”. She was carrying two bags, and one was full of orange pastries, so I assumed she was asking me if I wanted one. I answered, “No, gracias.” Then I went inside and looked them up. I’m glad I didn’t take/buy one, because they contain anise, and I can’t stand licorice flavor.

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Magnolia Café

I’ve now been to this Austin haven only twice, even though I’ve lived here most of my life. Maybe if it was closer to where I lived, I’d go there more often.

Alls I know is, that peanut butter pie is heaven-sent. So frickin’ good.

I wrote up a short review for Austinist because we didn’t have one up yet. I felt slightly silly doing it, since it is such an Austin symbol and there are other people on the site who go there all the time.

I left out mentioning that the guys sitting in the booth behind me used “f*ck” as practically every other word. As Leah said, “They are old enough to know better than that.” Chatting loudly on their cell phones and cursing every third word. I bet their mommas are proud.

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