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What about China’s own human rights issues?

So Spielberg is out as an adviser to the Olympics because of the host country’s dealings with Darfur. Now I’m not discounting any problems in Darfur (there are valid troubles going on there) but what about China’s dealings with their own citizens? Hu Jia and his wife, Chinese human rights advocates, have been arrested/placed under house arrest for their work. Is China’s work with Darfur more relevant than their own human rights abuses? I’m just confused about this.


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Juanes on Soundcheck!

I totally have a crush on Juanes. I need to buy his new album already. I’m so excited that he was on Soundcheck this week! He talks about why he only releases his albums in Spanish.

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Season of Giving

Just found out on Sunday that the refugee family at our church is going to be included in the Statesman’s annual Season of Giving campaign. So get ready to give, y’all!

Yes, I know if it is only October, and the Season of Giving doesn’t happen until December. I do hope that the press coverage of their family (the mother was also featured on the Caritas episode of KLRU’s Downtown) will help the plight of the father, who is still stuck in Zimbabwe. His family has been here for almost a year now, and my church and other local organizations have been trying that long to get him over to the states. I can’t imagine how his wife must feel, being so far away from him for that long. And the children, too, must miss him a lot . . .

Anyway, I’ll link to the story when it goes up in December. They are a phenomenal family, and I’m so glad to know them.

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Yesterday, to celebrate our nation’s birthday, I went to see Michael Moore’s latest film, SiCKO. It seems that a lot of people had the same idea, because even though it was the first screening of the day at the Arbor, it was an almost full house.

I’m recommending the film to everyone. It isn’t as political as his past films, since health care is more of a social justice issue. The main thing I took away from the film is the ridiculousness of the fact that we are the only country in the Western world that doesn’t provide decent and affordable (or FREE) health care for all our citizens. The film as a whole bounds from moments of honest anger, terrible sadness*, and still includes touches of humor. I thought the storyline of the 911 workers going to Cuba would be more heavy-handed, but it didn’t come across that way to me. If this small, poor nation can care for our citizens, why can’t we?

The film made me wish I had more seriously considered my resolution to move to Canada if Bush won the first election. I mean, I love America, but free health care for all? That is a huge selling-point.

*I got choked up at least 3 times during the film.


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Random thoughts on random things

Last night I dreamt that Jeff Tweedy from Wilco, a band I don’t even really listen to that much, had a crush on me. Why is my ego so large in my dreams?

And why Jeff Tweedy?
Oso did a post on Friday about people in his universe (real and cyber). I will admit I don’t know that many people who keep blogs. I have blogs I read every day (Oso’s included), but it seems that most of the feeds I’m reading are group blogs, or blogs on topics that I enjoy – by people I will never meet.
I got a note from Melissa and she is still doing well in South Korea, so that’s good to know. I want her to post her photos, and have sent her multiple invites to Vox so she has a place to post them. Someday!
Last night I watched the “Frontline World” episode from last week about NATO in Afghanistan. It was so depressing. We help the Afghans so they will help us, but we don’t really help much at all, then we leave and the villagers that had contact with NATO troops are surely doomed to an awful fate by the Taliban. I hate seeing this stuff, but it is real, it is more honest than any other coverage I’ll see on TV, and I have to watch it to remind myself that this is what is happening.

Strangely enough later in the evening as I hung up my clean clothes, I caught the end of America at a Crossroads: Operation Homecoming. A soldier made a comment that we live in such a decadent society that we can forget that we are at war. It was a powerful statement, on a powerful show.

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“Symphony of Bullets”


I read about this on Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise. The music used is Bach’s Prelude from Suite 1 in G Minor.

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Lola Montez

I have been working on reading a biography of Lola Montez for a month now. I’ve still got 100 pages to go before I have to turn it in next week (eek!). I just got to this quote in the book and loved it:

“Somehow Lola, whose political advice to King Ludwig had included withholding freedom of the press while establishing an efficient secret police and whose recent memoirs ridiculed republicans, was gaining a reputation as a wild-eyed liberal.”

What have I learned so far? That a tempermental gal with a made-up history, little talent, and attractive looks could go pretty far back in the day. If Lola was alive now, the media would adore her.

3/27 update: I finally finished it today! Whoo hoo!

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