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Sometimes I love being from Texas

A corrido for Obama [via Paige’s feed]. How awesome is that?

And then there’s Hillary’s attempt at moving Texans: Continue reading


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I thought I’d be able to get into the debate on Thursday, but I tried my (limited) connections and had no luck. There was no way I was going to enter in my birthdate on a non-secure connection, so I didn’t try for the Tx Dems lottery. So I’m going to the Alamo Thursday night to watch the debate instead. Ah well. I think it will be more fun, but less memorable than actually being there.

As far as voting, I’m pretty much stuck with Obama, aren’t I? I’m not voting for Hillary, and both Richardson and Edwards have dropped out of the race. I like Obama okay, but I am not feeling “fired up” anymore about him. I think I am getting worn out from the longest Presidential campaign ever. I watch BBC World news to try to escape from our national politics-centered news coverage, and they end up talking about our elections anyway.

I can’t escape.

But of course I am voting. I’m excited that our (Texas’) vote means something this time around, but I hate that I am feeling so close to over it. I’m usually way more into Presidential elections.

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What about China’s own human rights issues?

So Spielberg is out as an adviser to the Olympics because of the host country’s dealings with Darfur. Now I’m not discounting any problems in Darfur (there are valid troubles going on there) but what about China’s dealings with their own citizens? Hu Jia and his wife, Chinese human rights advocates, have been arrested/placed under house arrest for their work. Is China’s work with Darfur more relevant than their own human rights abuses? I’m just confused about this.

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Dear Ms. Steinem

I was just marking your essay in the NYTimes OpEd in my Ma.gnolia when I realized I was writing too much for a simple bookmark. I have long appreciated you and your historic contribution to feminism, but I have to disagree with this essay titled “Women Are Never Front-Runners”. I’m sorry, but it’s a crock. The media has been plugging Hillary since whispers of the 2008 election began. I think they would love the idea Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton run of presidents. Also, Clinton was polling high among registered voters before the Iowa caucus. So your essay title rings false. Obviously, Clinton (a woman) was viewed as a frontrunner.

The first paragraph that asserts that America wouldn’t vote for a female version of Obama may ring more true. I’d like to think that if a woman like Obama was running that I would be more excited about this race. I might even take time off of work to go help out in New Hampshire. As it stands, I’m disappointed at the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency. And not because she’s a woman.

I am a feminist who wrote a fan letter (yes, I admit it) to Ms. Clinton after reading her It Takes a Village. I was so moved by that book; I have only written three fan letters in my life, and one of them was to Hillary. I remember being inspired by her role as a strong woman in the White House.

And yet, and yet. . . I was so excited when Clinton ran and won for the New York Senate seat. But then she went on to vote for war. And has yet to apologize for that.

So let’s not make a big deal about how she can’t win because she’s a woman; I think that is an easy excuse that makes no mention of her voting to go to war, her acceptance of big-money contributions, and her current phony veneer. Where has the real Hillary gone? Like Andrew Sullivan says in this piece, “She’s hiding her true feelings. We know it, she knows we know it, and there is no way out of it.”

So Ms. Steinem, I’m afraid I cannot agree with your assertion that the reason Hillary can’t win is because she is a woman. There is so much more than that going on here.



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Lee Iacocca supports Richardson

Hmm, I think this is a good thing. I can’t help it, but I like Iacocca. I’m pulling for Bill Richardson, even though I’m not sure that he has much chance with Edwards, Obama, and (especially) Hillary being media darlings.

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Juanes on Soundcheck!

I totally have a crush on Juanes. I need to buy his new album already. I’m so excited that he was on Soundcheck this week! He talks about why he only releases his albums in Spanish.

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Season of Giving

Just found out on Sunday that the refugee family at our church is going to be included in the Statesman’s annual Season of Giving campaign. So get ready to give, y’all!

Yes, I know if it is only October, and the Season of Giving doesn’t happen until December. I do hope that the press coverage of their family (the mother was also featured on the Caritas episode of KLRU’s Downtown) will help the plight of the father, who is still stuck in Zimbabwe. His family has been here for almost a year now, and my church and other local organizations have been trying that long to get him over to the states. I can’t imagine how his wife must feel, being so far away from him for that long. And the children, too, must miss him a lot . . .

Anyway, I’ll link to the story when it goes up in December. They are a phenomenal family, and I’m so glad to know them.

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