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Eww, sounds like Austin. – Hank Hill

Last night, my sister and I watched the episode of “King of the Hill” that we had DVR’d on Sunday. I was so disappointed that I hadn’t known about the plot beforehand. It really was too perfect. I went ahead and wrote a post on it for Austinist (better late than never).

I tried not to show any side in my Austinist post, but I really did love the episode’s take on Austin’s gentrification. Sure, we can’t blame Peggy Hill for the rising property costs in East Austin, but still. People are buying houses in East Austin because it is less expensive than elsewhere in town, East Austin becomes a popular place to set up shop, and the rents go up because of it. So the people who have been living in that area of town for most of their lives are finding their property taxes rising.

This episode of the show may oversimplify the issue slightly, but the main feeling of it is dead on. A change in the demographics changes the flavor of a neighborhood. Ergo, the fish tacos become salmon tacos.

Oh, just watch the episode and see what I mean.


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Christmastime is here

Discussion on the music from “A Charlie Brown Christmas” on Soundcheck’s Friday show:

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Existential Santa

Okay, I swear he says, “I do exist.” And I think I like it that way. Because before the M&Ms saw him, he wasn’t quite sure of his existence. But when the red M&M says, “He does exist,” Santa realizes that he is present in this world. He does exist.

My sister asserts that Santa says, “They do exist.” But I prefer my version.

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WGA strike good for Men in Trees?

“Men in Trees” cast (c) ABC.

11/12 update: Michael Ausiello on TV Guide says there are 13 episodes still to come for Men in Trees. That’s 13 episodes as compared to the 4-7 episodes that other hour-long dramas have to come. That’s good, right?

He also says that the producers may make the last episode filmed the season finale.

Men in Trees‘ production schedule is way ahead of some other fare because they are still showing episodes filmed last year. While other shows may run out of new episodes in the winter months, Men in Trees may still be putting out new episodes. Maybe people will be so sick of reality TV by then that the ratings for MiT will go up. It’s a great show – one of my favorites – and I do wish more people would try it. Just a thought I had; I could be way off.

Of course, it would be better if the producers would give in to the writers’ demands and stop hogging all the money. Then the strike would be cut short.

Three posts in one day from me? What’s going on?

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What about the cheesebox?

I’m loving Pushing Daisies, even though I’m on the fence about the two main characters. Sometimes I love them, and sometimes they annoy me. Howevah – I love, love, love Kristin Chenoweth, and this number on Wednesday’s episode was just unexpectedly awesome. Now I want Olive to get together with Manuel, the hot floorcleaner. And if there’s an orchestra in her heart, surely that means more musical numbers. Please?

Watch it before the suits take it down!


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I don’t watch “House”.

Last night I watched a few minutes of “House” while flipping channels, and I guess those few minutes made an impression on me, because I later dreamt I was in “House”. Or rather, I was on the set, telling Hugh Laurie that he should bring Stephen Fry as a guest-star to the show. In my dream, I said, “You were so great together as ‘Jeeves and Wooster’. And remember how he disappeared for a couple years? You should totally have him on ‘House’.”

How is it my brain remembers such random crap? And how come I’m the annoying one in my dream? It seems so very wrong. Of course it is what I think, but if I met Hugh Laurie in real life, I wouldn’t pester him so much. I’d still mention Stephen Fry, though. You bet I would.

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This is the countdown.

Saturday night, Torchwood premieres on BBC America. Not that I’m counting the days or anything. I actually used BBC America on Demand last week for the first time when I heard that some Torchwood extras were going to be available on it (it’s free to Digital subscribers). Leah and I watched all the extras available Friday. I think I’m looking forward to this show more than any other this fall . . . I lurve Captain Jack (and yes, the name of his character makes me think of the not-so-great Billy Joel song).

We talked about just recording it and watching it later, since we don’t usually watch TV on Saturday. But I have a feeling we’ll be parked in front of the TV for the pilot. It looks so good.

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