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Eww, sounds like Austin. – Hank Hill

Last night, my sister and I watched the episode of “King of the Hill” that we had DVR’d on Sunday. I was so disappointed that I hadn’t known about the plot beforehand. It really was too perfect. I went ahead and wrote a post on it for Austinist (better late than never).

I tried not to show any side in my Austinist post, but I really did love the episode’s take on Austin’s gentrification. Sure, we can’t blame Peggy Hill for the rising property costs in East Austin, but still. People are buying houses in East Austin because it is less expensive than elsewhere in town, East Austin becomes a popular place to set up shop, and the rents go up because of it. So the people who have been living in that area of town for most of their lives are finding their property taxes rising.

This episode of the show may oversimplify the issue slightly, but the main feeling of it is dead on. A change in the demographics changes the flavor of a neighborhood. Ergo, the fish tacos become salmon tacos.

Oh, just watch the episode and see what I mean.


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Around the capitol this weekend

Tomorrow afternoon I plan to attend Alex Ross‘ lecture-ish thing at the Texas Book Festival. I may buy his book there and get him to sign it (if he’s doing that). I’ve been looking forward to seeing him; I’ve been reading his blog for over a year now and have been introduced to some great new things through it.

New Pornographers @ ACLThen later in the day, I’ll meander over to Waterloo Park (a short walk from the Capitol) for Fun Fun Fun Fest.

So I’ll be hearing about the formation of modern music – Wagner to Stravinsky to Cage, I expect – and then I’ll get to see Of Montreal, The New P*rnographers, and Explosions in the Sky. That’s a lot of music for one day! I can’t wait.

On Sunday I’ll go back to the music fest to volunteer from 5pm-10pm . . . and I’m taking Monday off. I’ll need a day on my own to power back up.

Note: The photo is of The New P*rnographers at ACL 2006, the last time I saw them.

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Que mala onda!

Last night K and I talked on the phone for almost an hour and a half, reminiscing about college classes (and more). She reminded me of the telenovela curriculum we had to suffer through: “Destinos”. I checked Youtube to see if anyone had posted any of the “Destinos” saga up there, but it looks like the main Destinos fare on Youtube is Destinos tributes.

I had to watch episodes of this late 80’s-era video series in the media library for my Spanish classes. I would go up on Saturday mornings and would usually be the only person in the small media library room. This was a bonus because I wouldn’t have to use the plastic headphones and could watch with a low volume. Plus – I could use one of the two TVs that had closed captioning on them (I can understand written Spanish more easily than spoken Spanish). It was such a slow moving soap, and as K reminded me, one of the characters was really difficult to understand because he lisped. Continue reading

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Documentary night!

C and I have planned to see For the Bible Tells Me So tonight; it’s showing for a limited time at the Dobie. My pastor sent out a church-wide email last Friday encouraging us all to see it, otherwise I don’t know that I would have heard about the film while it was still in theatres.

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Season of Giving

Just found out on Sunday that the refugee family at our church is going to be included in the Statesman’s annual Season of Giving campaign. So get ready to give, y’all!

Yes, I know if it is only October, and the Season of Giving doesn’t happen until December. I do hope that the press coverage of their family (the mother was also featured on the Caritas episode of KLRU’s Downtown) will help the plight of the father, who is still stuck in Zimbabwe. His family has been here for almost a year now, and my church and other local organizations have been trying that long to get him over to the states. I can’t imagine how his wife must feel, being so far away from him for that long. And the children, too, must miss him a lot . . .

Anyway, I’ll link to the story when it goes up in December. They are a phenomenal family, and I’m so glad to know them.

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Don’t tell Mr. Hitchens

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Don’t tell Mr. Hitchens, originally uploaded by evso.

Seen at the Capital Plaza Target on Monday night. Check the placement of the sticker.


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Swimming at Dottie Jordan

Yesterday at church, N. (one of the girlies) cornered me on the stairs and asked me to take her to the pool that afternoon. She said that they usually get to swim in her class at day-camp, but that because of some bad-behaved kids, they didn’t get to swim this week.

So my sister and I ended up at Dottie Jordan pool around 3ish with one girl who had to stay in the baby pool, a girl who can’t swim well enough by herself yet in the big pool, and the oldest girl who swims like a fish. We hadn’t swum at Dottie Jordan before. We expected it to be as amass of swimmers as Bartholomew used to be . . . back when we were younger and still frequented public pools.

But it really wasn’t. There were a number of people there, but it wasn’t overly crowded. We had room to splash and play. Leah swam with the two girls in the big pool while I sat on the side of the baby pool with S., the youngest. Small groups/families came and went from the pool while we were there, letting S. use their floaties, their kids playing with each other.

At one point in the afternoon, N. told me, “If you’re not too busy, you could take us every Saturday!” Later on, Leah and I told her that we would definitely take them again (in a couple weeks). After swimming with the older girls, Leah was worn out, and just dealing with small children is a bit wearing in itself. But the girlies are so sweet, silly and fun. Before next time, we’re going to buy some arm-floaties for S., and maybe some noodles if they want to come swim in our pool. And next time, I’m swimming.

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