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I’m only 43 seconds into it

And already this CSI: Miami montage is making me laugh out loud. It’s been around since November, so you may already have seen it. Does David Caruso really take this role seriously? Or rather, do the writers of this show take it seriously? And is this show still the most popular American show in the world?

I found it on The Watcher.


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I bought Christmas cards.

This Friday (Buy Nothing Day) I bought Christmas cards. I figured we were already up by the Arbor to see For Your Consideration, so it would be better for the environment for me to combine trips and make my annual Christmas card purchase at Borders. I got some cute Curious George cards and some gorgeous Japanese cards. And they were buy one get one free for Friday only!

Now I just need to find all my addresses. I made up a list of recipients for my cards and I know I don’t have addresses for all of them.

As for the film, Leah and I enjoyed it. It’s no Waiting for Guffman (that’s for sure), but it did make us laugh a lot. Catherine O’Hara is awesome, and Parker Posey is pretty darn good too.

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what not to put on your cover letter

The other day we got a cover letter and resume sent to us. It seemed like a professional enough correspondence, until I read a sentence about how the applicant has been told she looks like a specific chick-flick star, but in a professional manner.

Um, what? We don’t care how you look, even if you have been told you look like Kate Winslet or Toni Collette, even Penelope Cruz! What does that have to do with anything?

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Feminism is delicious.

Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem talk to Stephen Colbert about feminism and their new radio channel for women.

[Eat the Press]

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Best quote on TV last night

“This is just like Top Model, but without the crying!”
– Justin (Betty’s nephew) at the Mode photo shoot, Ugly Betty

Since I’ve started watching ANTM (it’s campy and addictive, y’all!), I laughed for like two minutes straight at the boy’s exclamation.

The writing on Ugly Betty just keeps getting better and better. Last night’s episode was my favorite so far.


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My favorite sketch, period.

I love me some Monty Python, and this is my favorite of their sketches. It’s that first entrance that always cracks me up.


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best thing about “Project Runway” last night


Leah and I were dying from laughter last night when we saw Uli make this face. SO awesome.

Yay Uli!

From Rucker’s blog

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