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odds and ends

Sunday afternoon at church, I walked into the Sr. High classroom to start preparing for youth. One of the kids was in there with the youth choir director, listening to a slow, ponderous song on the stereo. I saw the kid had a sheet music with “Ave Maria” as the title, and I asked, “Is this Rufus Wainwright?”

The youth choir director (who is a few years younger than me) put on a somewhat surprised expression as he answered, “Yes!”

Do I not look like I know my random indie singers? I knew of Rufus Wainwright back when from Ken Burns’ “Civil War” soundtrack; he sang with his mom and aunt on a not-so-great version of “Better Times are Coming.” It was a pre-teen Rufus, scratchy mid-voice-change voice and all. I think I still have that on cassette tape, somewhere. My favorite songs on that album were: “Follow the Drinking Gourd” sung by Richie Havens, “No More Auction Block” sung by Sweet Honey on the Rock, and Kathy Mattea’s version of “Vacant Chair”. Hey, the CD is for sale on Amazon! I swear the soundtrack is worth owning just for the main theme of the series, “Ashokan Farewell.” What a haunting and lyrical instrumental piece.

In other news, I am probably not sleeping much tonight before I fly out tomorrow. My nerves are rattling; I’ll be glad when I’m in England already. I am so not looking forward to dealing with the airports.


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Christmastime is here

Discussion on the music from “A Charlie Brown Christmas” on Soundcheck’s Friday show:

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Around the capitol this weekend

Tomorrow afternoon I plan to attend Alex Ross‘ lecture-ish thing at the Texas Book Festival. I may buy his book there and get him to sign it (if he’s doing that). I’ve been looking forward to seeing him; I’ve been reading his blog for over a year now and have been introduced to some great new things through it.

New Pornographers @ ACLThen later in the day, I’ll meander over to Waterloo Park (a short walk from the Capitol) for Fun Fun Fun Fest.

So I’ll be hearing about the formation of modern music – Wagner to Stravinsky to Cage, I expect – and then I’ll get to see Of Montreal, The New P*rnographers, and Explosions in the Sky. That’s a lot of music for one day! I can’t wait.

On Sunday I’ll go back to the music fest to volunteer from 5pm-10pm . . . and I’m taking Monday off. I’ll need a day on my own to power back up.

Note: The photo is of The New P*rnographers at ACL 2006, the last time I saw them.

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Juanes on Soundcheck!

I totally have a crush on Juanes. I need to buy his new album already. I’m so excited that he was on Soundcheck this week! He talks about why he only releases his albums in Spanish.

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What about the cheesebox?

I’m loving Pushing Daisies, even though I’m on the fence about the two main characters. Sometimes I love them, and sometimes they annoy me. Howevah – I love, love, love Kristin Chenoweth, and this number on Wednesday’s episode was just unexpectedly awesome. Now I want Olive to get together with Manuel, the hot floorcleaner. And if there’s an orchestra in her heart, surely that means more musical numbers. Please?

Watch it before the suits take it down!


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From the Kim Richey concert

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Kim, no flash, originally uploaded by evso.

I’m so glad I went to hear her live. I’m always afraid that I won’t like someone in concert as much as I like their recorded sound. But Kim was so entertaining, and her sound as pure as ever. I think I like her even more now, if that’s possible.

Austin was her last stop on her US tour – next she’s on to Europe with John Hiatt.

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Kim Richey @ Cactus Cafe

I’ve been a huge fan of Kim Richey since I saw the video for “I Know” on CMT in college (back when CMT had that show “Crossroads” that focused on alt-country artists). But I’ve yet to see her in concert. Hopefully that will change soon, because she is coming to Austin next Saturday. I am so there, even though I don’t have her new album yet. Hopefully she’ll sing the songs I know and love; given that I love the three albums of hers I own, that shouldn’t be hard. Here’s one of my favorites:

That’s a Lie, Krekel/Richey
I let the porch light burn all night
‘Til the early morning light
But you never did come by
And now you’re calling me
Just to say you need
A little room to breathe

That’s a lie you tell yourself
so I can’t touch you
That’s a lie to shut me out
but it’s just not true
Can’t you see you’re not fooling me a bit
Yeah, you can try to tell me you don’t care but I know
that’s a lie

Well you never will be free
If you let her memory
Get all tangled up with me
I’m sorry for your pain
But I won’t take the blame
All women aren’t the same


You say you’d like to be alone
You do just fine all on your own


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