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My travelling year?

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IMG_0819, originally uploaded by evso.

As you know, I went to England in January. I’m planning on visiting K in New Mexico during her Spring Break (first week of April) and am also pondering a trip to California to visit Michele and Phil’s new digs there for her 30th in December. I have never travelled so much in one year.

But this is my thirtieth year (I’m still 29 right now!), so I think it’s a worthy time to go places. I have the vacation days, and I might as well use them.

I have more of my Brighton beach photos up on flickr now . . . I still have a few more to upload.


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UK trip mosaic

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UK trip mosaic, originally uploaded by evso.

I still have more photos to upload from my last full day in Brighton (which I spent on the beach with Michele’s hubby Phil snapping photos of wood that had washed on shore from a Norwegian freighter), but most of the pics from my England trip are now on flickr.

I’ll have to do another post to list all that I did while there, but you get some idea from my pictures.

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odds and ends

Sunday afternoon at church, I walked into the Sr. High classroom to start preparing for youth. One of the kids was in there with the youth choir director, listening to a slow, ponderous song on the stereo. I saw the kid had a sheet music with “Ave Maria” as the title, and I asked, “Is this Rufus Wainwright?”

The youth choir director (who is a few years younger than me) put on a somewhat surprised expression as he answered, “Yes!”

Do I not look like I know my random indie singers? I knew of Rufus Wainwright back when from Ken Burns’ “Civil War” soundtrack; he sang with his mom and aunt on a not-so-great version of “Better Times are Coming.” It was a pre-teen Rufus, scratchy mid-voice-change voice and all. I think I still have that on cassette tape, somewhere. My favorite songs on that album were: “Follow the Drinking Gourd” sung by Richie Havens, “No More Auction Block” sung by Sweet Honey on the Rock, and Kathy Mattea’s version of “Vacant Chair”. Hey, the CD is for sale on Amazon! I swear the soundtrack is worth owning just for the main theme of the series, “Ashokan Farewell.” What a haunting and lyrical instrumental piece.

In other news, I am probably not sleeping much tonight before I fly out tomorrow. My nerves are rattling; I’ll be glad when I’m in England already. I am so not looking forward to dealing with the airports.

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Excited and fearful

Okay, so it’s like a week and a half until I venture on the furthest trip I’ve taken on my own. I fly out early Wednesday morning, spend most of the day at the Minneapolis airport (memories!) and fly out that evening to Gatwick. Michele has a basic plan for my stay in Brighton, happily a mostly low-key schedule. The only really hectic day should be the day we visit London.

So I’m obviously excited; I’ve always been enchanted by Britain, ever since my parents raised me on “Masterpiece Theatre” and “Mystery”. I watched I Claudius when I was in fifth grade! That was some crazy stuff. Anyway, you get the idea – I never thought I’ve have a chance to go there, and I can’t wait.

But then I’m also worried. What if the flight isn’t able to fly out of Minneapolis? What if my flight is delayed coming back and I have to spend the night (ack!) in Detroit?!? I have missed a flight before (because of mechanical problems) and had to spend a night in Dallas. LUCKILY I am going nowhere near DFW on this trip.

I am sadly the type of person who worries about stuff I have no control over. I’m not worried that my plane will be part of any world event or anything – I worry about scheduling! and what I will do on the plane if I can’t sleep! It’s all rather silly, but it is how I’m wired.

Hopefully as the time nears my excitement will overcome my worried nature.

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Pip pip, cheerio.

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This blessed plot, originally uploaded by Jeff Tabaco.

I’m headed to England in January to visit my best pal from high school, Michele. I just bought my tickets (before the rates went up any more).

I. am. so. excited.

And yes, if you’re wondering, But E, this is so sudden! Well, I just decided to go on this trip yesterday. She had invited me up for Thanksgiving, but I expected to buy a new computer. I haven’t done that yet, and they are planning to move back to the States in the Spring, so I had to take her up on her offer. I have the vacation time and the money in savings, so might as well use it go somewhere I’ve always wanted to go! I’ll put off buying a new Mac until later next year. I’ve got lodgings taken care of, since Michele has kindly offered to house me.

I have never traveled so far on my own, so this is a big deal for me. Michele has warned me about the weather, but I lived in Minnesota for a year, so I can handle it. As long as it doesn’t keep me from doing touristy things!


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Cloud mosaic

Cloud mosaic, originally uploaded by evso.

Took this over the weekend. On Friday evening, we came to the hotel after an early dinner and drove right into this scene.

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Willow City Loop

IMG_0186, originally uploaded by evso.

Even through the sleet on Saturday, my parents wanted to check out Willow City Loop. Strangely, it sleeted on our way out there, and on our way back, but not while we were on it. I got some decent photos, although motion was an issue since we had to stay in the car.

You can see the set as a slideshow here.

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