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An e-mail I just sent

Subject: HIMYM article

Wed, Apr 18, 2007 at 5:00 PM

Hi Mark –

Love your piece on the current “best show no one is watching”. I only
have one thing to nitpick about: the tape that got stuck in Marshall’s
tape deck was the single for the Proclaimers “500 miles”, not the
Pogues. Yes, I am a dork for remembering that.



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“The Hop”

Just heard this song on Radio Paradise and was irked because I couldn’t remember what movie it was used in. I googled radio citizen “the hop” soundtrack and saw that it wasn’t a film I recognized it from; it was an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy”. For some reason, this is disappointing.

I used to love the show, and now I am just annoyed by it. It is too too. The only saving graces are the characters of Addison and Callie, and can I tell you how much I look forward to an Addison-only spinoff? If you’ve been paying attention to my ma.gnolia bookmarks, then you already know.

But the song by Radio Citizen is pretty darn awesome. It’s got a cool vibe to it; it must be the electric organ used.

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Christmas film trivia

Not to brag (too much), but I got a perfect score on this quiz, without even doublechecking IMDB or using Google.

I found the quiz via Pop Candy. I’m glad my mind for pop culture trivia is good for something!


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Studio 60 finally gets good.

Last night’s Studio 60 was the best episode so far. I haven’t been feeling this series, and mainly have been watching it because I like Amanda Peet (yes, Amanda Peet). I’ve been pulling for a romantic subplot between her character and Danny (Bradley Whitford) because I am a sap that way. Last night, among the great writing, one actually funny sketch, gorgeous New Orleans jazz version of “O Holy Night” (if someone knows where I can find that version, let me know), and tepid Matt/Harriet storyline, Danny professed his adoration for Jordan.

And I was very happy. We’re keeping that episode on the DVR for a while so I can watch it over and over again. It’s up there with the Robin Sparkles episode of How I Met Your Mother as shows we won’t erase off the DVR until we absolutely run out of room.

Here’s an interview with the trumpet-player who appeared in last night’s episode:


note: I was going to title this post “What’s your damage, Claire?” after hearing it on Heroes last night, but decided against it. I lurved this quote from last night’s Heroes (straight out of Heathers).

12/12 update: NBC has put the audio version of “O Holy Night” up for free download on the Studio 60 site. I assume it’s for a limited time only, so get it while you can. This is the group behind it.


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The Association in Austin

Last week we went to a friend’s birthday happy hour and we were told that one of the guys at the party used to be a member of The Association. Too bad I don’t remember which one, because I could update his Wikipedia entry. I think he was the drummer.

Now he works with my friend and takes amateur photographs. I’m sorry I couldn’t place any of the group’s songs at the time. I really like “Windy”.


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Yesterday I had 348 hits to my blog (this is high for my site). From what I can tell, last night’s episode of Friday Night Lights featured a Pearl Jam song (or mention), and people think my blog has the answer.

Unfortunately, I didn’t watch the show last night, so I can’t help y’all out. I recorded it and will watch it later this week.

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This is what I was talking about

In this post yesterday I mentioned that Jake and Lance came out to the Gomez and Guster concert in undershirts.

Here is a picture of them earlier that night, with the added bonus of John Mayer (UGH).

I guess undershirts make sense if they were coming straight from ACL. It was so hot.

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