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More popular than I knew.

3,177 people have viewed one of my photos on flickr. Apparently it’s a hit with atheists and fundamentalist Christians alike. Who knew?!?

This just goes to show that I should definitely check my “popular” shots at flickr more often.

The only thing that worries me is that my name isn’t credited on the site that shows my photo, and attribution is part of the CC license. At least it links to my photo, I guess.


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Campaigns and Elections, circa 1999

When I was in college, I got to bypass taking Psychology by taking a class on Media and Elections my junior year. I got a Social Science credit for learning about the impact of the media on electoral campaigns. I enjoyed the class . . . it was relatively simple, small, and the professor was engaging. For the class I wrote a research paper on the relationship between the media and George Wallace (I admit I chose him because the TNT movie about him I had seen).

The next year I had to complete another credit (I think it was economics), so I ended up taking a class on Campaigns and Elections with my roommate at the time, my best friend Kristina. This class was taught by an old-school professor who had been at the college when my parents had attended. Even though it was our senior year, Kristina and I did all the readings for this class and fretted over the tests. We were sure we weren’t doing as well as the politics majors in the class, even though we were practically the only ones who talked in class without being asked.

In this class we focused on campaign finance (having to read a horrid, boring book I wouldn’t wish on anyone on the topic), media ownership, length of campaigns, the electoral college, presidential character, etc. I think a good portion of our discussion is moot by now. Kristina & I did a team report at the end of the semester on the impact of TV and internet on campaigns; I borrowed a video from my previous professor to show the infamous Daisy ad and Ronald Reagan’s bear in the woods ad. Kristina showed examples of presidential websites, like Bill Bradley’s and Al Gore’s.

We ended up getting a couple of the few final As in the class, beating out the politics majors. Not that we were ecstatic about that or anything.

It’s funny to look back at it now. Who would have expected the impact a site like Youtube would have on campaigns? and the relationship blogs would have with campaigns? At that time (it wasn’t that long ago), it was groundbreaking enough that you could donate to a candidate online.


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I finally signed up for the facebook. I am mainly only friending people I already know, but I’ve got a couple of friends who I know from the internet (I haven’t actually met them face to face, but have been reading their blogs for years). It’s pretty nifty – the design is basic, but there are so many extra applications you can add to your page. I might go ahead and delete my myspace page now, since I never visit it. I mainly joined myspace so I could say Weezer and Aimee Mann were my friends. I really loathe the site, though.

And Virb? I forget to check it, even though the design there is gorgeous.

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Podcasts to which I now subscribe

  • Marketplace Morning Report – I’m not THAT interested in the market, but I like Marketplace.
  • podcast – because I like hearing about places I’ll never get to visit.
  • NPR: Storycorps – these are always good, and I miss them when they are played on the radio
  • NPR: Hmm . . . Krulwich on Science – Robert Krulwich is one of my favorite reporters, period. I love his humor. I just found out that he has a podcast!
  • WNYC Soundcheck – most of the time, I enjoy this podcast. Sometimes they discuss a topic I don’t care about, so I skip that day.
  • NPR: Latino USA
  • NPR: News and Notes – I’ll admit I’m not familiar with this show; I just added it because they will be talking about After the Deluge (the amazing graphic series I hope you are reading by now) today.

Note: I don’t actually listen to any of these on my iPod. I play them on my iTunes while I work.


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I don’t need it

I made a page private and told Google, and my site visit counts have gone down about 60%. I’m happy to have only the people who really come to read this blog reading it. Although – I think a number of my readers (5?) get my posts through RSS. Which I have come to prefer for all my blog reads too.

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Feed health

Okay, I’ve gone down to only two feed readers now; I am officially giving up on Bloglines (their style has been stagnant for a while and you can never see video on it), and have moved all my Austin feeds to my Google reader.

Now if I could only cut down on all the feeds I read. Honestly, with Netvibes, I don’t feel like I have to read every post (like I did in Bloglines). I can just skim the title of a post in a feed and come back to it later if I don’t have time to read it now.

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oh so nifty

I just happened upon this cool gadget that puts the music I’ve put on my vox into a neat little player. I’ve put the player on the sidebar, so see what you think. It’s stuff like this that makes me want to post more on my vox and less on this blog.

This site is up for renewal in a couple weeks and I’m renewing my service for a year, but I am unsure of the future beyond that. Of course, I’m always unsure of the future, but I’m not sure how much longer I’ll keep this blog going. We’ll see.

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