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Guilty admission

This morning after seeing the news on CNN, I reported to Leah, “Cheney wasn’t killed today.” I even pondered what would happen in the administration if Cheney was killed. Does this make me a horrible person?

[Eat the Press]

Somewhat related: have you read Three Cups of Tea yet? It took me a while to get through it; I can skim through fiction, but I couldn’t miss anything in this work of nonfiction. It is such an inspiring book about one man’s determination to provide schools for children (boys and girls) in the villages of Pakistan and Afghanistan. I’m recommending it to everyone.


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Why is this news?

When so much is going on in the world today, why does the White House think it wise to attack John Kerry over a mis-statement?

Seriously. I think they’re going after whatever they can at this point.

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Graphic novels and p*rn

The Powells blogger is totally pissed that somebody in MO wants to censor library copies of Blankets and Fun Home because they contain comics of a sexual nature. They must be p*rn then, right?!

I read Blankets, checked it out from Austin Public Library even. The autobiographical comic tells the story of two brothers who were sexually abused.

Fun Home I haven’t read yet, but I really want to. I keep forgetting to keep an eye out for it.

As much as things may offend me, I will never accept censorship. . . unless it’s on my blog. If I’m paying for the webspace, I have the right to delete any mean comments. =)

update: Looks like I’ll have to buy Fun Home. The only branch of the Austin library that has a copy is closed til 2007. Argh!

update 10/10: I obviously picked something up from Blankets that wasn’t there. While s*x is depicted in the graphic novel, there isn’t any sexual abuse. The brothers are just disciplined by their parents in a really messed up way. I came to this realization while reading this interview of Alison Bechdel by Craig Thompson.

I read so many books that I have actually checked books out from the library and been through the first chapter before realizing that I’ve read them before. I usually don’t mix up my graphic novels though . . . I haven’t read enough of them to do that.

It’s still ridiculous that this is being censored.

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homophobic editorial cartoonists

Who knew there were so many? Mikhaela has culled some really bigoted “comic” reactions to the success of Brokeback Mountain. Gross and tasteless. I usually love my editorial cartoons, but am glad I’ve missed out on these.

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I was planning on checking this film out by myself this weekend, but my mom wanted to go with me. I think in all there were about 15 of us in the theatre. The film has been out for a while, and not a lot of people know it is showing at the Galaxy Highland.

Oh my God, I saw this pimply white guy covered in bling as we were leaving the theatre, and it totally ruined the somber mood the film had left me with.

Anyway, as far as the film goes, it is very well-made. I got pretty engrossed, but I did get names confused. I think one of the stories could have been taken out and it might be a better (and less confusing) film. Don’t ask me which one, though. Also – the fingernail pulling was too gross for me. I almost gagged on my Milk Duds.

Syriana is a pretty depressing film, and scary in its honesty. Yes, it is a fictional film, but it is extremely believable. I think situations in the film can be compared to current events, what with how the US deals with our allies in the Middle East, etc.

I would recommend it to any politically-active person. Obviously if you are a conservative, you will not enjoy the film. But I think I can count on my big toe how many conservatives read my blog (if that many).

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freaky picture

Big Brother is watching you!

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Pat Robertson: always a voice of reason


CNN: Robertson warns Pennsylvania voters of God’s wrath

Conservative Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson told citizens of a Pennsylvania town that they had rejected God by voting their school board out of office for supporting “intelligent design” and warned them Thursday not to be surprised if disaster struck.

Can’t the FCC fine Pat Robertson for heresy? I could totally get behind that.

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