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Very moving

Our landlord came over last night to thank us for being patient tenants, and then told me that he is selling our condo. Our lease is through July, so we expect to be there through that. He says that the new guy (a friend of his) might want us to move out before then so he and his fiancee can move in. Well, if he covers our moving expenses, I’m open to it.

I’m a little disappointed, but not that surprised. Our landlord has been frustrated with our plumbing issues and more – I think he just doesn’t want to be a landlord anymore. And his friend really wants to take on the condo, even knowing about all the issues.

So, we will be moving. Again. And I won’t be able to walk to work anymore. Well, it was nice while it lasted. If I could afford to buy my own condo (and was determined to do it), this would be the market to do it in. But I think I’ll stick with renting for now.



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Hello, 2008.

When I opened the curtain this morning after taking a warm shower, I could tell (even without my contacts on) that the bathroom floor was covered in water.

Please tell me that this is not a sign of the year to come.

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On DVD: our living room furniture, sort of.

I just bought season one of Friday Night Lights on DVD. I have heard that they have a “satisfaction guaranteed” deal with the DVD set, so if you don’t like it, you get your money back. But I’ll be keeping my set.

Now if you rent or buy season one and want to see the episode with our old living room in it (ok, we have moved, but we still have the furniture), it is episode six: El Accidente. My couch, spice rack and dinner table (and more!) are featured in the one-minute scene when Coach Taylor goes to the house of the kid who has been beat up.

Kyle Chandler sat on my couch, y’all. With Panda’s cat hair and all. However short that scene is, we’ll always have that.

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Almost there, I think

Last night Leah and I packed up the kitchen (mostly) at the house. Every room we pack up makes me feel a little less overwhelmed . . . now we just have stacks of boxes at the condo. But I don’t mind that.

If we go over tonight, we may be able to wait until Saturday to go back. That’s my hope, but we still have a lot of crap in the garage.

I’ll be happy when packing/moving/unpacking doesn’t occupy my mind so much, and I can post on more interesting things . . . like the curt guy who sat next to me at lunch on Sunday. Is he a serious introvert? Socially awkward? or just rude?

Oh, and I actually found someone at my church who reads Austinist regularly (before he knew I posted there, even!). He also has a gazillion songs on his iTunes and dislikes the most recent Fountains of Wayne album intensely. I can forgive this last bit, because he and his wife are very pleasant people.

More Panda
Who me?

Random note (as if this whole post isn’t random thoughts anyway!): moving a cat to a new place and forgetting the litter box doesn’t go over well. Leah’s boyfriend got Panda a generic litterbox for the first night at the condo and the cat whined at our rooms all night. I brought his real litterbox the next day and he still whined – but a lot less. I know part of it is he misses our former roommate S.

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what a hassle

I. hate. moving. Someday I’ll get smart and find a place I can afford to buy or rent forever. Here are my current dream projects:

We are mostly in the condo by now. The blueness of my room doesn’t bother me so much with all my furniture in there. I still have stuff in the garage, a couple of closets and the kitchen at the house. I have a feeling I’ll be spending all my weeknights packing over there. Ugh.


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It’s too darn hot

This morning I parked at the condo because I had to drop some stuff off there and I knew I had to go back there sometime during the day for the cable to be installed. So the cable guy (very cute, but too tall for me) came and when he was done, I wimped out and drove my car back to work. It was so hot and humid; I just assumed that if it’s bad at 12:45pm, it’s going to be even worse at 5:30pm.

I wish this area of town was a little more pedestrian-friendly. In the morning people will hit you rather than wait for you to walk the crosswalk, no matter how many yellow warning signs are up.

I took Friday off work to pack and take Panda to the vet. I took the cat to the vet, but I didn’t get as much packing done as I would like to have done. I just feel so overwhelmed. I amass so much crap: books I’ve owned for years and will never read (giving those to the library), clothes I haven’t worn for over a year (Goodwill), and more. I’ve packed, am running low on boxes, and I still have so much more to do.

I think tonight I will aim for taming the mess on my desk. If I have the energy. . .


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And in other news

On the plus side, yesterday Leah and I got the keys to our new place and the landlord says we can start moving in before our official move-in date. So . . . we may be painting this weekend.

As our landlord was showing us where the dumpster is, we walked by a guy sitting at a picnic table and smoking in an Americorps t-shirt. As our landlord chatted with him, we found out the guy is an Americorps coordinator in town. Ran-dom!

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