Very moving

Our landlord came over last night to thank us for being patient tenants, and then told me that he is selling our condo. Our lease is through July, so we expect to be there through that. He says that the new guy (a friend of his) might want us to move out before then so he and his fiancee can move in. Well, if he covers our moving expenses, I’m open to it.

I’m a little disappointed, but not that surprised. Our landlord has been frustrated with our plumbing issues and more – I think he just doesn’t want to be a landlord anymore. And his friend really wants to take on the condo, even knowing about all the issues.

So, we will be moving. Again. And I won’t be able to walk to work anymore. Well, it was nice while it lasted. If I could afford to buy my own condo (and was determined to do it), this would be the market to do it in. But I think I’ll stick with renting for now.



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3 responses to “Very moving

  1. If I lived in Austin, I would give my eyeteeth to be able to walk to work.

  2. Ali

    i’m not a lawyer, but i’m pretty sure that change of ownership doesn’t break your lease. our landlord is trying to sell the house, and she said the new owner has to honor our lease. the realtor who is showing the house said some people may be interested in paying a month’s rent for us to move out early.

  3. Good luck, E – did you ever get everything unpacked from the last move?
    If you must go, then I hope you find a sweet new nest.

    Garden Blogger Annie

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