Who is E?

E is a single gal in her late 20s who calls Austin home (and has for a while now). She is politically-involved, well-read and obviously enjoys talking about herself in the third person. She comes from a long line of native Texans, and has spent most of her life in the state, except for one year spent in Minnesota, eh. She calls herself a feminist, reads too much, knows a great deal of random pop-culture trivia, and is a Progressive Christian (but is a member of a Presbyterian Church).

E is the News Editor for Austinist. She posts anonymously and irregularly on another Texas blog also.

all about E is written about E the person, so if you expect to see facts about E the drug, look elsewhere. The title of the blog is a take-off/homage to the film All About Eve. And if E’s name was Eve, then that domain would have fit better.

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