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Around the capitol this weekend

Tomorrow afternoon I plan to attend Alex Ross‘ lecture-ish thing at the Texas Book Festival. I may buy his book there and get him to sign it (if he’s doing that). I’ve been looking forward to seeing him; I’ve been reading his blog for over a year now and have been introduced to some great new things through it.

New Pornographers @ ACLThen later in the day, I’ll meander over to Waterloo Park (a short walk from the Capitol) for Fun Fun Fun Fest.

So I’ll be hearing about the formation of modern music – Wagner to Stravinsky to Cage, I expect – and then I’ll get to see Of Montreal, The New P*rnographers, and Explosions in the Sky. That’s a lot of music for one day! I can’t wait.

On Sunday I’ll go back to the music fest to volunteer from 5pm-10pm . . . and I’m taking Monday off. I’ll need a day on my own to power back up.

Note: The photo is of The New P*rnographers at ACL 2006, the last time I saw them.


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Juanes on Soundcheck!

I totally have a crush on Juanes. I need to buy his new album already. I’m so excited that he was on Soundcheck this week! He talks about why he only releases his albums in Spanish.

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Suzanne Vega on Soundcheck

Suzanne Vega is one of those artists that I have always enjoyed, ever since I heard “Luka” in elementary school. She never really goes out of style for me. Yesterday she was on WNYC’s “Soundcheck” show to talk about her new album and its influences.

I’ll admit, I donated money to WNYC, even though I’ve never visited New York, because I enjoy the “Soundcheck” podcast so much.

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Spoon video post

Spoon, The Underdog

Playing around with MySpace embed code.

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“The Hop”

Just heard this song on Radio Paradise and was irked because I couldn’t remember what movie it was used in. I googled radio citizen “the hop” soundtrack and saw that it wasn’t a film I recognized it from; it was an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy”. For some reason, this is disappointing.

I used to love the show, and now I am just annoyed by it. It is too too. The only saving graces are the characters of Addison and Callie, and can I tell you how much I look forward to an Addison-only spinoff? If you’ve been paying attention to my ma.gnolia bookmarks, then you already know.

But the song by Radio Citizen is pretty darn awesome. It’s got a cool vibe to it; it must be the electric organ used.

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Stranger than Fiction

Moments ago I received the soundtrack to Stranger than Fiction that I won back in November from a contest on shoes are for work. Just yesterday I read about Britt Daniel from Spoon, thought about how he wrote music for the soundtrack and how I might just have to give up on waiting and buy the CD.

Now I just need the DVD.

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“and also Jane Fonda was there”

Leah and I signed up to be “super” volunteers at our church for SxSW tomorrow night. This means we’ll be there from 7pm to 2am. I’m taking my camera and a book to read during slow times.

I’m currently reading a biography of Lola Montez. I’ve been reading it for while now and haven’t gotten as far as I would like. If I just stopped reading nonfiction, I’d get a lot more reading done. Nonfiction is just so intensive. Anyway, I imagine I’ll be reading it all through Women’s History Month.

Do you think they’ll let me take photos of the acts from the balcony? The only one I somewhat care about is Duncan Sheik, but the Watson Twins would be cool too. If I work the green room (our church library really does have green carpet, I believe), and I probably will at some point during the night, I’m gonna see if I can take pictures.

Donovan performed at my church last night. I asked at the volunteer meeting on Sunday after church if anyone had seen the Atlanta episode of Futurama, and no one there had. That’s pretty much my limited experience with the singer. His bit starts midway through the above clip.

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