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I knew as soon as I was driving away from home

First I forgot to take my allergy medication this morning, neglecting also to put on the minimal amount of makeup I usually wear. I stopped at Russell’s for my chai latte and cranberry muffin and came into work early. . . only to find a hectic situation. I had to deal with two problems that were essentially my fault.

I’m afraid to start back on the big task I’ve been working on, because who knows what will happen?

Crap crappedy crap crap. Some days are just awful, and this is definitely one of them.


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The day is almost done

My workday, that is. Friday mornings are always pretty busy for me, and then at the end of the day it tends to be v.e.r.y. slow. I keep refreshing my gmail notifier, but still, no new mail. I’m waiting for a call about something I’ve got set for New Orleans. Will I have to fly someone there? Or is someone local available? It’s getting too late to wait much longer to decide.

Yesterday when I was coming back into the office building after lunch, a man I didn’t recognize opened the door for me. He said, “Oh, you got your hair cut! I like it!” I mumbled thanks and tried to place him.

I have a bad habit of lumping all the fifty-something white guys in my office building together. So I’ve probably chatted with him before and I don’t remember it.

Anyway, tally:
People who have complimented my haircut: 20 something
Jr. High kid who joked that it looked like a “furball”: 1


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It’s Mardi Gras, after all

It took me until this afternoon to realize that’s why I can’t get a hold of anyone in a federal office in New Orleans.

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I have that effect on people.

A woman who just called into our office and was upset because we hadn’t received her payment told me, “You’re driving me crazy.”

I thought, blame the US mail and not me, lady.

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the devil’s in the details

Okay, I’m a Presbyterian, and we don’t discuss Revelations and eschatology much. When I went to school at a certain central-Austin southern Baptist private school I was made to discuss end times and watch ’70’s era movies about the Rapture. In the one I remember best, this blonde gal is left because her boyfriend is called up to Jeebus. All her friends and family are gone, but she still can’t believe in God. Yes, public high school was a freeing shock to my system.

Anyway, I pretty much don’t think on end times much nowadays. But consider this: yesterday my morning total for a skim chai latte, day old cinnamon rolls (to go) and a blueberry scone at Russell’s was $6.66. I added a dollar for tip (I would have done that anyway).

This morning I’m assigning job numbers at work and we are at 6666.

Is someone trying to tell me something?


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what not to put on your cover letter

The other day we got a cover letter and resume sent to us. It seemed like a professional enough correspondence, until I read a sentence about how the applicant has been told she looks like a specific chick-flick star, but in a professional manner.

Um, what? We don’t care how you look, even if you have been told you look like Kate Winslet or Toni Collette, even Penelope Cruz! What does that have to do with anything?

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Firefox + Norton Antivirus 2007 = Big Mess

I upgraded to Norton Antivirus 2007 on my computer here at work on Friday afternoon (it’s a PC, groan). Yesterday when I opened Firefox, a good number of the sites I usually visit had really messed up images. The sites were so web 1.0 and messed-up that they were too ugly to look at. So I googled (in as many different variations as I could) “Is Norton messing up my images on Firefox”? I was only able to find one person who recently shared my plight. There were no easy answers I could find, so I had to venture for myself, all the while dealing with other problems at work.

Here’s what I did:

  1. cleared my Firefox cache, no result
  2. cleared out any cookies, no result
  3. chatted with Norton customer service rep in India who told me to:
    a) turn off Auto-Protect, no result
    b) turn off Worm Protection, no result
    From this he told me that it must not be a problem with Norton (HA!).
  4. So I used Firefox in safe mode, and everything looked fine.
  5. I went back to my regular Firefox and deactivated all my add-ons, and everything looked fine.

I have now activated all of my plugins/addons (except Greasemonkey and Google Web Accelerator), turned all of Norton back on, and everything looks fine. My theory is that some part of Norton 2007 disagrees with one of those addons. I had no issues with my Norton 2005.

So anyway, that’s what I spent most of yesterday doing. If I had known this would be such a problem, I would have chosen McAfee.

And if our business didn’t consist of so much word processing, we might be using Macs. Maybe.

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