I thought I’d be able to get into the debate on Thursday, but I tried my (limited) connections and had no luck. There was no way I was going to enter in my birthdate on a non-secure connection, so I didn’t try for the Tx Dems lottery. So I’m going to the Alamo Thursday night to watch the debate instead. Ah well. I think it will be more fun, but less memorable than actually being there.

As far as voting, I’m pretty much stuck with Obama, aren’t I? I’m not voting for Hillary, and both Richardson and Edwards have dropped out of the race. I like Obama okay, but I am not feeling “fired up” anymore about him. I think I am getting worn out from the longest Presidential campaign ever. I watch BBC World news to try to escape from our national politics-centered news coverage, and they end up talking about our elections anyway.

I can’t escape.

But of course I am voting. I’m excited that our (Texas’) vote means something this time around, but I hate that I am feeling so close to over it. I’m usually way more into Presidential elections.


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  1. Benjamin Combee

    I’ll look for you at the Alamo event… I’m going by myself right now (and probably will be there a little early to avoid traffic), and it will be nice to say hello.

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