Que mala onda!

Last night K and I talked on the phone for almost an hour and a half, reminiscing about college classes (and more). She reminded me of the telenovela curriculum we had to suffer through: “Destinos”. I checked Youtube to see if anyone had posted any of the “Destinos” saga up there, but it looks like the main Destinos fare on Youtube is Destinos tributes.

I had to watch episodes of this late 80’s-era video series in the media library for my Spanish classes. I would go up on Saturday mornings and would usually be the only person in the small media library room. This was a bonus because I wouldn’t have to use the plastic headphones and could watch with a low volume. Plus – I could use one of the two TVs that had closed captioning on them (I can understand written Spanish more easily than spoken Spanish). It was such a slow moving soap, and as K reminded me, one of the characters was really difficult to understand because he lisped.

For the Spanish class we took together, our professor used curriculum that a group of his Austin friends had put together. They mixed themselves into the learning exercises (I’m probably mixing up their names): Sergio worked at Calle Ocho, Gustavo worked at Ruta Maya, and someone worked at Tesoros. This textbook also had an accompanying video. It was pretty funny; we made fun of the white girl in the bunch, Laura, because her accent was horrible.

One time when K was down in Austin for a Young Democrats convention, she went to Ruta Maya (this is back when it was on 4th St.) to look for Gustavo. I know she just wanted to joke with our professor that she didn’t see Gustavo, but I think that she was the tiniest bit disappointed that he really wasn’t there.


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  1. i had to watch destinos at school too. here in ohio back in the mid nineties we could never get spanish language programming not even on cable. however, the local cable access show would show destinos episdoes and my mom and i would watch it as if it were our spanish telenovela…how sad.

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