I don’t watch “House”.

Last night I watched a few minutes of “House” while flipping channels, and I guess those few minutes made an impression on me, because I later dreamt I was in “House”. Or rather, I was on the set, telling Hugh Laurie that he should bring Stephen Fry as a guest-star to the show. In my dream, I said, “You were so great together as ‘Jeeves and Wooster’. And remember how he disappeared for a couple years? You should totally have him on ‘House’.”

How is it my brain remembers such random crap? And how come I’m the annoying one in my dream? It seems so very wrong. Of course it is what I think, but if I met Hugh Laurie in real life, I wouldn’t pester him so much. I’d still mention Stephen Fry, though. You bet I would.

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  1. House is my role model.

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