I finally signed up for the facebook. I am mainly only friending people I already know, but I’ve got a couple of friends who I know from the internet (I haven’t actually met them face to face, but have been reading their blogs for years). It’s pretty nifty – the design is basic, but there are so many extra applications you can add to your page. I might go ahead and delete my myspace page now, since I never visit it. I mainly joined myspace so I could say Weezer and Aimee Mann were my friends. I really loathe the site, though.

And Virb? I forget to check it, even though the design there is gorgeous.


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  1. I just deleted my myspace account yesterday! It felt liberating. I just hate so much about myspace and I really only logged in when I received a friend request. It seemed redundant to keep the account. I have no facebook though.