It’s that time of year: TCM’s Summer Under the Stars

Our DVR is starting to almost 70% full; partly because we have “So You Think You Can Dance” episodes saved, and partly because August is my favorite month on TCM. I love classic film, and this month they are showing movies I’ve never seen with my favorite actors in them. For Maureen O’Hara’s day last week, I got to see The Spanish Main (which I hadn’t seen since junior high) and Our Man in Havana. I also tried the more B-quality Fire in Africa, but it was pretty awful. I erased it after slogging through an uncomfortable 20 minutes. I tried, because I hadn’t ever seen O’Hara in a classic contemporary movie. But then I watched Our Man in Havana, a dark satire filmed in Cuba during the very early days of Castro. I really liked that one.

Last night I watched Bad Day at Black Rock, which they had played for Ernest Borgnine’s day. It was good, but not great. It seemed a bit simplistic in spots.

I also tried The Sea Hawk (shown for Errol Flynn’s day Sunday), but I couldn’t stay with it. Yesterday was Rosalind Russell’s day, so I have My Sister Eileen and Four’s a Crowd to watch. I’ve seen the 50’s version of My Sister Eileen and only heard about the original film version, so I’m looking forward to seeing that one.

Favorites of ours coming up this week:

Our DVR will be full to bursting.


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One response to “It’s that time of year: TCM’s Summer Under the Stars

  1. I can’t believe you didn’t record Captain Blood like I did. I have quite a happy memory of the first time I saw that film and I remember it as particularly exciting.

    And what about Spencer Tracy Day? You can’t tell me you did not record/watch Inherit the Wind? I would be so disappointed if you did not watch such a classic while it was on. I liken it to Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and To Kill a Mockingbird. It’s that good a movie.

    AMC, to compete, has been showing all of Marilyn Monroe’s movies.