Whiny whiny

I’ve been having a really awful allergy attack since Thursday. I took yesterday off from work because I couldn’t talk without coughing. I spent the day doing laundry and watching DVDs, cursing my scratchy throat. I’m at the stage today where I am feeling a little better, still sounding awful, and best not talking to anyone. It is a little harder to be in the office and not talk much, but I’m trying.

What I hate is that I can’t sing along with my music. I don’t realize how often I do this until I can’t anymore. In my car this morning, I put on a Julieta Venegas CD so I would be a little less likely to try to sing along (since it is in Spanish and I’ve only had it for a month, I haven’t had time to memorize the lyrics yet). I’m sitting in my office and I can’t hum with the songs playing on my iTunes.

When I took voice lessons in college, my voice teacher told me I could never be an opera singer because of the severity of my allergy attacks. Given my timidity singing solo in front of people, that was never gonna be very likely, but still.


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