Popcorn on Sunday

Yesterday I did something I haven’t done in a while: babysat. While their older brothers went to a church get-together, I stayed with the three girlies. I took over my DVD of Finding Nemo and my old VHS tape of Toy Story, but didn’t think to bring over any food. I had to call my mom after we started watching Nemo to ask her to bring over some popcorn. She brought over microwave popcorn and the puppies, although I think Rosie and Cocoa scared the girls with their barking.

We snacked on popcorn, and it reminded me of when I was younger and my family would just have popcorn for Sunday dinner. I don’t eat it that often nowadays, but we used to have big Sunday lunches and popcorn in the evenings.

The girls were mostly well-behaved, although the youngest was pretty weary (I don’t think she had taken a nap). Their mom came home after 7pm, and she looked so exhausted. She’s the type of person that doesn’t complain much, but you could just tell how hard her day must have been. She told me that she tries to get Sundays off from work, but they rarely give her the day off. I really hope we (the church) can help her find/qualify for a better job. She is such an amazing person, and she really deserves a better work situation than the one she’s got.


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