The day is almost done

My workday, that is. Friday mornings are always pretty busy for me, and then at the end of the day it tends to be v.e.r.y. slow. I keep refreshing my gmail notifier, but still, no new mail. I’m waiting for a call about something I’ve got set for New Orleans. Will I have to fly someone there? Or is someone local available? It’s getting too late to wait much longer to decide.

Yesterday when I was coming back into the office building after lunch, a man I didn’t recognize opened the door for me. He said, “Oh, you got your hair cut! I like it!” I mumbled thanks and tried to place him.

I have a bad habit of lumping all the fifty-something white guys in my office building together. So I’ve probably chatted with him before and I don’t remember it.

Anyway, tally:
People who have complimented my haircut: 20 something
Jr. High kid who joked that it looked like a “furball”: 1



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