finetuning it

So my Launchcast subscription ran out, and now I need somewhere to find good music that allows me the same amount of control (if not more). Luckily, just in time, a couple sites I read have recommended finetune. There are no ads and you get to set up your own playlists of 45 songs (or if you’re lazy, it can choose most of them for you). The one I set up this morning is called “random pop mix” and includes Bjork, Regina Spektor, Snow Patrol, Paul Simon, Juanes and Nelly Furtado (among others). I like it much better than Pandora, that’s for sure.

I still love my iTunes, but I need a better place to learn about new artists I might like. As much as Launchcast disappointed me in the end, the program did introduce me to some great music.

Now if could hook up with finetune, that would be great.


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