The show I never planned on watching

“Men in Trees” cast (c) ABC.
Photo (c) ABC

When the shows for fall 2006 were announced, I heard about Men in Trees and cringed. I mean, Anne Heche, ugh. I just didn’t think she could carry such a show, so I ignored it.

Then it got put after Grey’s Anatomy, and I ended up watching an episode a few months ago. I loved it: the quirkiness, the diverse cast (it seems diverse for a show based in Alaska, anyway), the strong female characters, and Koob! (okay, Leah and I were only able to watch a couple episodes of Parker Lewis Can’t Lose when we were younger, but we still associate Abraham Benrubi with that short-lived show.)

Last week’s episode was one of the funniest hours of TV for the week. Leah and I laughed so much at one point we had to rewind to hear the dialogue we missed. You can see that episode here until this Friday. It used to be that all episodes were available on their site, but I guess that’s not the case anymore.

I’m happy to admit I was wrong about this show. Anne Heche is surprisingly refreshing, and the rest of the cast is pretty darn good, also.


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