2007 Indulgences

I don’t do resolutions, because I can’t hold myself to some ridiculous thought I have on New Year’s Eve and then be disappointed in myself when I don’t follow through. So instead, I will follow this example and make a list of indulgences for 2007.

  1. I will make time for my photography. I’ll get a new battery for my SLR so the light meter works again. I’ll get the hang of the new camera I got for Christmas. I’ll make time after church one Sunday to wander around downtown and photograph old buildings. I’ve done it in Memphis and Wilmington, NC, but not in my own city.
  2. I’ll look into finding a photo lab where I can develop my B&W film. I may not sign up with one, but I’ll at least visit one.
  3. I’ll make more sketches with the Prismacolor pencils I made an effort to buy on sale.
  4. I’ll attempt to complete at least one short story. I haven’t started or finished one in a couple years. This is a little depressing to think about, because I used to love writing fiction, no matter how cruddy some of my stories ended up being.
  5. I will allow myself time to go to the gym after work at least a couple days a week. I do enjoy working out, and having a DVR means I don’t have to be at home in time for any shows.
  6. I will replace my iPod’s battery so that the previous indulgence is even more enjoyable.
  7. I will keep reading whatever kinds of books I want.

And that’s it.



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2 responses to “2007 Indulgences

  1. #4 is SO one of my “30 things to do before I’m 30” list things! Good luck with that, and with all your other ’07 projects.

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