Studio 60’s so meta

Okay, I’m not sure I’m using that slang term in the right way. I looked it up in the urban dictionary and I’m not sure this fits the definition. ANYWAY. . .

Last night Leah and I were watching Studio 60 and before the first commercial break they mentioned a bad Visa card sketch and that Jessica Simpson, as host of the show, had messed up her farewell speech. At the ad break, the first ad was for Visa. I commented to Leah that maybe we would see an ad for Jessica Simpson next.

And we did! Well, she was in an ad for DirectTV.

But what is so bizarre is that such product placement took place on an episode about product placement.

Seeing this episode after watching How I Met Your Mother and finding Robin Sparkles on myspace, well it was almost too much for one night.

And about Robin Sparkles – the actress who plays Robin would have been 11 in 1993.

That video on the show still made me cry from laughing so hard.


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