On houses for rent in my neighborhood

Leah just called to tell me that the house two doors down from us is up for rent for about $150 less per month than what we’re paying for ours. Our house is 1100 square feet, 3BD/2BA and this one is 1400, 4BD/2BA.

I don’t think it is as cursed as ours. . . but it hasn’t been on TV, either.

I haven’t figured out what I’m going to do as far as housing next year. We don’t have anything tying us to our house since our lease was officially only for a year. Do I want to find another house to rent? Or should I go ahead and buy a house? Should I sign a short lease and wait to buy one of these houses?

I just don’t know.


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  1. alison

    wait for one of those houses. that’s my advice.