But Jericho sucks!

Look at this funny sp*m I got last night:

On the CBS drama JERICHO, this peaceful town is plunged into chaos when a nuclear mushroom cloud suddenly appears on the horizon, leaving them completely isolated and wondering if they’re the only Americans left alive. However, on CBS’s broadband channel innertube, a new mystery is simultaneously unraveling on the “webumentary” called COUNTDOWN. In the weeks before the nuclear blast, Jericho resident Robert Hawkins was getting intel from experts around the country about how to survive a nuclear attack. These short videos, which feature interviews with real nuclear experts and notes from Hawkins’ research files, give viewers an insider’s look into what Hawkins was doing… and more importantly, what he knew before the blast.


Watch it now!

Title: Jericho
Episode: Countdown: Episode 6
Despcription: Delta 1 sends Hawkins videos from two experts on the effects of a nuclear blast and the resultant electromagnetic pulse (EMP).

Okay, I watched two episodes of the show and gave up on it. Even Pamela Reed couldn’t save it for me, and I love her! So anyway, this is most corporate sp*m I’ve gotten yet. The comment was made by “CBS Innertube”, with the email being someone from a PR firm. Bizarre.



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2 responses to “But Jericho sucks!

  1. Robert

    the show is like lost. trys to hook you in the hopes you can learn more of the real story, while they feed you relationship bickering in between what you really want to see.

    like i give two Sh$%# about a couples problems, I can see that at home.

    obviously the big mystery is what the hell really happened, and between the rare views of that, we have to watch people bicker! 😛

    it sucks,,,just like lost! 🙂

  2. any

    hmmm,. its like watching Dr Quinn, cept dr quinn had more material…