Title influenced by the Colbert Report

On Saturday Dad, Leah and I went to the library (two of them, in fact) and I got the idea of doing a series of posts on Austinist about each proposition up for election. At Yarborough, Leah found me a pamphlet about the bond election.

So today I started my series with Better Know a Proposition: Prop. One. I’m going to try to do one a day, but we may have a couple posts on Prop. 4.

Oh my gosh, this weekend was way too short. I’m doing a job at home that I’m trying to finish by this upcoming weekend and it is so hard to push myself to do it.

I love Apples to Apples. I played it yesterday evening at A’s house and sadly, didn’t win (I did last time). But I’m proud of the cards I played! Well, except for “Rosie O’Donnell” for the term “sensual”. Mainly I just wanted to get rid of that card.


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  1. As a recent arrival, I have to thank you for “Better Know a Prop.” The Statesman that I pay for doesn’t seem to do quite a good a job on the issues (which makes me wonder sometimes), but really this comment is about Apples to Apples. Is there any other game where you can go from “Sad-Hiroshima 1945” to “Fake-The Holocaust” in under five minutes? That being said, I’m not sure that all my friends was quite on the same wavelength when I tried to teach them…