We could be “Heroes”

Yesterday was a crazy day at work, so I vegged in front of the TV last night.

Leah and I watched “Heroes”, and I think I’ve found my replacement for “Alias”. It’s well-made, the music is great, and the characters are intriguing. I love the diversity of the cast (even though I wish there were more female characters). And Greg Grunberg is in it (although, not in the pilot)!

Watching “Studio 60” after “Heroes” was a big let-down though. Y’all know I was really looking forward to this show, but last night’s episode was just pretentious. I don’t know what it is, but Aaron Sorkin trying to write funny lines just didn’t work. He bashed bloggers (ugh), Fundys (easy target), and totally wrecked Gilbert & Sullivan. It was just uncomfortable.

And I watched “Brothers and Sisters” last night that I’d recorded Sunday . . . Rachel Griffiths and Sally Field are great, but Calista Flockhart’s melodrama just ruins the show for me. So I’m not getting sucked into that show, at least.

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