It’s the week of ACL

My plans for this week:

Thurs. night – Austinist‘s Local Music is Sexy party. Looks like I’m going to this by myself. . . I’ll at least make an appearance. Or attempt to.

Friday night – Guster and Gomez at La Zona Rosa. I know more Guster music than that of Gomez, mainly because I’ve been listening to them longer. I haven’t seen Guster in concert since early 2001, back when “Fa Fa” was getting a teeny bit of airplay. I love Gomez’ new album, and I made G. a copy so she’ll know some of their tunes by concert-time.

Sunday – ACL festival, day three (click the link and head to day 3 to see my plan for the day). Five of us are going to this; Mel’s staying with us for a couple nights, I think. None of us are huge Petty fans, so we’ll probably leave before the concert is officially over.

Monday, I am taking off from work to recuperate/upload digital photos to flickr. Whoo hoo!

I’m looking forward to the festival because I heart the New P*rnographers, but I’m not eager to deal with all the crowds. Thankfully we’re only going for one day. I think that’s all I can handle.

I really hope it isn’t too hot. . .



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4 responses to “It’s the week of ACL

  1. Leah

    Ummm, don’t you mean 6 of us? 🙂
    And since when are YOU taking off the day after! That was MY idea!

  2. E

    I’ve been taking it off since we planned to go!! So there.

    Who’s the sixth? Me, you, Mel, Z, S, and ?!

  3. Ugh. I’m going out of town on business. I’ll miss most of the whole dern weekend. 😦

  4. The folks who are building will be there.

    How will we spot you? We’ll gring out all 3 days.

    Paul and Dorothy and the blogslides gang.

    Our new prototype is at and key in the word “austinblogger” for a slide show of Austin blogs.