Katie Couric

Is it weird that I’m contemplating leaving work early so I can catch the full Couric debut on CBS News tonight? My reasoning:

  • It’s a positive step in women’s history, as she becomes the only sole female anchor currently on network TV to carry a news show by herself. Too bad ABC got rid of let Elizabeth Vargas take maternity time.
  • I want to see how much gravitas she can pull off. I’m so tired of all the “perky” comments. You know no one made such comments about Charlie Gibson when he moved from a morning news show to prime-time.

I may be the only one who couldn’t watch Bob Schieffer. His folksiness didn’t jibe with me.

If Katie is able to pull me in, it will be the first time I make an effort to watch network news since the Iraq war started. Even though I loved Peter Jennings, I just couldn’t watch the jingoistic coverage. It made me so mad, and was such a disappointment. Not that it’s much better nowadays.


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