update on my magazine saga

I got a response from Good Housekeeping this morning saying that they have transferred the remainder of my subscription to Marie Clare. So at least if I’m getting a magazine I didn’t necessarily want, at least it’s a somewhat more relevant magazine I didn’t necessarily want.

I’m only interested in Marie Clare because of this article. I wish some magazine would become the adult Sassy. I’d subscribe to that mag in a second. I still have a crate of my old Sassy magazines at my parents’ house.

And don’t say that Jane is close to being Sassy, because it is far from that.



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3 responses to “update on my magazine saga

  1. Jooley_Ann

    *Love* that cover image of Maggie Gyllenhaal. If MC keeps putting genuinely interesting ppl on the cover, I might just pick up a copy.

  2. YM & 17 magazine were my favorites in my middle school years. I remember when Tyra first started modeling in 17. I SO wanted to be her.

    I got rid of about 4 years worth of old YM & 17 magazines my junior year in college. Now I’m sitting on volumes of Essence and National Geographic magazines.

  3. Would ‘ziney magazines like Bust or perhaps Bitch qualify as “adult Sassy? Have you looked at the newstands at Wheatsville? If you dig around there, you might find something you like.

    As a youth, I was sufficiently preoccupied with Jane Pratt that my nickname through much of college was “Sassy Chris.” My friend Marjorie interned at Sassy when she was in high school – Ms. Pratt convinced her to attend Oberlin – and I am so jealous.

    I threw out a huge box of ‘zines and independent press magazines like Mondo 2000 when I graduated from college. I reallly regret that, especially now that I’m teaching a class that involves zines and I don’t have a lot of examples to show the class.