It’s Benji! and Celine Dion admissions

Benji won, and we were not really surprised. We were angry with the format for the show last night. Announcing that Heidi wasn’t the winner with 55 minutes left in the show? And then still making her dance after that disappointing news? She may have expected it, but still. . . Very callous.

But yay for my male favorite Benji! I can’t see him in Celine’s show, but who knows?

And I’m sure Mia is going to get Travis some job.

I’ll admit here that after seeing Heidi and Travis do my favorite dance of the show again, I bought the “A L’Olympia” CD just for that song. What can I say? I tried to find a download, but it’s not available anywhere. And Celine’s version of “Calling You” is my favorite (although the Windham Hill instrumental version sounds very nice).

Heck, I downloaded her version of “Nature Boy” last week.


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One response to “It’s Benji! and Celine Dion admissions

  1. Travis was robbed!

    Benji is definitely not right for Celine’s show. If they had reminded viewers every episode,or at least more often, what the prize was (a la America’s Next Top Model) I think more people would have voted for Travis. And I think you’re right, Mia (LOVE her by the way) has Travis’ back all the way.