This morning someone called me from a blocked number and left a hurried “urgent” message that I couldn’t understand. I’m pretty sure it was a sales call from India. I thought that if I was on the no-call list, especially with a cell phone, that it was illegal to call me.

I called T-Mobile to see if they could get me the number so I could report them, but they say if it is blocked that the FCC protects the caller.

DAMN it. I don’t give out my phone number lightly, so I don’t know how they got my number. The gal at TMobile told me basically that I shouldn’t put my phone number on paper. . . ever. Which is nice in theory, but since I have no landline, my cell phone is it. I guess I could use my work number for everything, but I don’t feel comfortable doing that.

I’m trying to think of who has my cell phone number and would have sold it. Hmm.

Answer! (found right after I posted): She got my number off the office answering machine and was inquiring about us using a company in India to help us out. So it wasn’t a sales call, per se. . . and not from a call center because the same person just called my office. Phew! I feel much better about that. I’m not on a list, and you have to go through a roundabout way to get my number.

The office pays my phone bill anyway, so I shouldn’t worry too much, but still. The whole idea that there could be no purpose for the no call list for a blocked number. . .


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