A Scanner Darkly

The animation for this film is amazing, even mesmerizing in parts. After the film was over we were all zapped of energy. But I would watch it again.

The only part that shocked me was the use of Capital Plaza and Cameron Road. I know Austin Studios is close and everything, but still. Keanu Reeves walks out of his agency onto the walkway which we used to take to Toys-R-Us and OfficeMax, and in this futuristic world, Cameron Road still looks vaguely the same.

The thing is that his character was having some deep, comtemplative thought at this point of the film, and all Leah and I could think was, “Oh my gosh! Capital Plaza!” And – how did we miss Keanu Reeves walking down Cameron Road?

They may have filmed him front of a green screen and added the location later, I don’t know the process. All I know is, I have never seen my side of town in a film before, animated or no.



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3 responses to “A Scanner Darkly

  1. oso

    That’s pretty funny. My sister said it was horrible. I figured, well Keanu Reeves is in it so she must be right … but now you’ve got me wondering.

  2. E

    Leah didn’t like it either. . . there were too many bugs.

  3. Tiffany

    I thought the movie was AWESOME!!!! Most people are use to seeing the same movies, the only thing that changes is the name. I will say that this movie is not for the average person. This movie is made for people that think outside of the lines, and enjoy true creativity.

    If you are into the typical Hollyood hype, then A Scanner Darkly is definitely not for you.