We’re going

We’re buying tickets for day 3 of ACL. We’ve got a group of us going, so it will be fun. And surely we won’t get so exasperated since we’ll only be going one day.

Los Amigos Invisibles v. New Pornographers!! Argh.

And we’ll go to the Local Music is Sexy party. . . whenever that is.

Other notes:
– We watched “SYTYCD” last night and I completely forgot to vote for my favorites. Argh! I’m blaming it on “Project Runway.”
– Yet again the Galaxy Highland gave me the student price (on Saturday night). I was fully prepared to pay the full price, and was surprised when he told me another amount. I was ready to comment, but Leah hushed me. We all got the student rate to see the second “Pirates” movie.
– And worthy of its own post, but I don’t have time because this week has been BUSY:
So freakin’ good, even from the front row of the Alamo South Lamar where Gore’s pores are extremely visible.


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  1. Wow, that’s impressive that it’s still pulling crowds.

    J, and I saw it two weeks ago to a very full theater.