kiss kiss bang bang

We just watched this film and it is so hilarious and good. Go rent it already. It just renewed my crush in Robert Downey Jr.

update: that would be my crush “on” Robert Downey Jr. And throw Val Kilmer in there too. They are both cute and v. funny in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.



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3 responses to “kiss kiss bang bang

  1. Oh, I really loved this movie. We caught it in a theater during the end of its run. It didn’t find the right audience in theaters; I’m hoping everyone finds it and loves it on DVD.

  2. Loved this move. Weird, because I do not like Robert Downey, Jr. But, after this I guess I’ll concede. Great flick! Happy 4th!!

  3. I totally dug this movie. Why don’t they make more movies like this in Hollywood? You know, instead of Superman Returns or some other such nonsense.