favorites from SYTYCD last night

It’s strange – usually Leah and I have more couples to vote for, but only three teams impressed us this week. From last night’s show:

1) Heidi and Ryan totally kicked it with their Cuban rumba. They made a difficult dance look simple and fun. They were Hawt (yes, I feel weird using that spelling).

2) Benji and Donyelle rocked the sucky “Pop Jazz” style (that’s the music video style).

I also voted for Martha and Travis, even though he kinda stunk.

Who let that poor team (Aleksandra and Dimitry) dance to Kenny Rogers? Good Lord, that was an awful choice of music. Don’t get me wrong, I like his old stuff, but the song last night was just. so. wrong.

And even though Jessica and Jaymz danced to one of my favorite songs, I still can’t vote for them. I just don’t like them.

Ashlee and Ben’s hip hop was interesting, but Ben didn’t fit with Ashlee’s style.

And everyone else was forgettable.


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