So I know I can’t dance

Honestly, I feel uncomfortable on the dance floor. . . perhaps it’s related to the time I was swing dancing with a friend in college and he threw me (not on purpose) into the wall. We were having fun until then.

Nevertheless, I’ve always loved watching dancing. I love musicals and Fred & Ginger movies are some of my favorites. And I am really into this season of the Fox show So You Think You Can Dance. Last night Leah and I watched it and were entranced by at least three of the couples. Our favorite perfomances were the hip-hop routine by Benji (our favorite guy) and Donyelle (one of our favorite gals), the waltz by Ryan and Heidi (another favorite female dancer and Benji’s cousin), and the Broadway number by Martha and Travis. I liked what I saw of the contemporary number by Alexandra and Jason (I was washing veggies at this point). I really think these were the strongest performances of the night. I hope none of them are in the bottom three tonight. . .


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