Must see “The Namesake”

Okay, this film doesn’t come out until November, but here is why I will try to see it opening weekend:

  • It’s directed by Mira Nair. Even though I didn’t care much for Vanity Fair (or Kama Sutra, honestly), Monsoon Wedding is one of my favorite films, period. I never get tired of the stories, the romances, the genuine acting, the music, etc. I haven’t seen it enough to have lines memorized, but it’s close. Anyway, because I love that film so much, I am open to seeing any other film she directs. I may not love it, but I will make a point to see it.
  • It’s based on Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake. It’s funny, watching the trailer, I thought I was remembering the wrong book. It turns out that the father’s story is what stuck with me the most, and I’ve forgotten the rest of the plot. Ah well, I’ve read a lot since then.
  • Um, I think Kal Penn looks really hot in it, even though his hair looks a little on the bizarre side.

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