I’ve downloaded this theme. It is such a clean design, I had to get it. I have to play around with it for a little bit, but I may switch things up in a little bit! We’ll see.

update: Okay, I’m playing with it, so be patient.

another update: See comment below.



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4 responses to “Durable

  1. NOOOO!!!! Go back, Go Back!

  2. E

    I like it, but there is a lot of messing around to do on it. I think I’ll stick with Tarski until there are more options for Durable.

  3. I totally missed the switch! I love this one though, so I’m glad it’s back. I wish WordPress had a “preview,” rather than just select and wham, you’ve switched your whole site to the new theme. I accidentally did that a few times when I was working on mine. Other than that, I’m happy w/ the switch from Blogger.

  4. E

    I’m with you, Kristin. I was only on Durable for like 20 minutes. . . that must have been when Brey came by.