Must Be Dreaming

Who knew there were so many Imogen Heap fans in town? Well, I certainly didn’t expect as many people as showed up. There were all kinds there: gay/lesbian couples, teenyboppers, college age preppy kids, straight couples, hipster guys, and more. Her fans run the gamut, that’s for sure.

Overall it was a terrific show, but the opening act, um, didn’t work for us. Zoe Keating created some gorgeous music. However, since G. and I had worked 8 hours at our respective jobs and eaten at El Chile before the concert (and I had made the mistake of having a margarita w/dinner), her music made us quite sleepy. We were by the closed-off stairs at Stubb’s, barely standing on our feet.

But when Imogen started, we woke up a little. G. still had to go sit on the steps because she was so tired, so I was left by myself in the crowd. **Start of rant** I am short, as many of you may already know. And it pissed me off so much when tall people stood right in front of me. I was there first, had a great view, and some tall people got right smack in front of me. G. and I think that tall people should take some concert etiquette lessons. Now, there were some tall fellows at the concert who were courteous enough to secure a view that didn’t block anyone else’s. But goodness, after Imogen’s third song, I couldn’t see anything on stage.**end of rant**

Imogen’s songlist, as I remember it (probably not in completely accurate order):
– Just For Now, done a capella.
– Clear the Area
– Goodnight and Go – for this song, she actually got to dance around (away from her electronic setup) for a few minutes at least.
– Come Here Boy – from her first solo album, I don’t know it that well.
– The Walk – I was standing on the steps at this point, and I could actually see a lot better (even though I couldn’t hear her discussion with the audience v. well)
– Speeding Cars – LOVE this song. So glad she sang it.
– Let Go – the audience’s fave song, I think. Never doubt the power of the film soundtrack!
– Headlock
– Hide and Seek – as cool as it is on the album. She walked off the stage after this song, but returned with. . .
– a song from her first album that I don’t know
– Breathe In – another Frou Frou piece. She sang this with only the piano, so it was missing some effects, but had a nice pure sound.
– Daylight Robbery – she totally rocked this song out. Awesome.
– Have you got it in you

We left after that song (if it was indeed the last one, they’re all somewhat muddled in my head), so if there were more songs, I didn’t hear them. Whatever song we heard at the end was the one she said was the last, and it was almost 11 at this point.

She’s coming back in November, and I will probably try to catch her again. She really puts on a good show. And I heart her accent!


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