I fell into a burning

This weekend I finally checked Walk the Line out. And, um, what was all the fuss about? Joaquin’s singing pained me at the beginning (Reese’s singing was slightly better). The writing was eh, the acting was just okay. I’m SO glad I waited to rent instead of forking over the cash to see it in the theatre. I commented to my dad that if I wasn’t so far into it, I would have given up on it at the Thanksgiving sequence. Oh, so bad.

Yesterday G. and I went shopping. Ugh, I know. It actually wasn’t too bad. It is easier for me to go with someone else than by myself, but it still just zaps me of any energy. I bought four shirts, and I’m so glad I was that productive. I never shop, so my wardrobe was lacking. This was a good move in the right direction . . . now I just have to sort the clothes I haven’t worn in a year and take ’em to Goodwill.


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  1. I can’t believe you didn’t like it! I loved it! Saw it twice in the theater, bought it the second it came out and watched it again at home. I thought the singing was really good, though of course not quite like the originals. It’s definitely a straight biopic, no frills. But I felt pretty invested in the characters and their relationship. I thought Ginnifer Goodwin was great in it too.