sweet people

When I was in college, I attended the church across the street. I became so comfortable with the church and pastor that I turned to him when my dad was in the hospital (the first time) and when my childhood friend was murdered. He and his wife invited me over for Sunday dinner every now and then and I babysat for their kids a couple times.

This afternoon I received a random update from them and they said that they miss me and think of me. That is just so nice. They and a couple other families from the church really were a better part of my college experience. Despite the fact that it was across the street, there were only a few students that attended it. Perhaps the church wasn’t that hip, or too old? Or people just wanted to sleep in on Sunday morning, is more likely.

I used to be homesick when I was at college, and now I get homesick for that church every now and then. I really should check in with old professors and visit my alma mater, but I just haven’t made the effort.


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