Blanton opening

G. and I went to the Blanton grand opening on Saturday night. We were there right at 9pm . . . or rather, we were in line behind a lot of people at 9pm. When we got our entry stickers, we were something like 1,177 and 1,178. Yeah, there were tons of people there. I love the museum. I don’t think it will replace the McNay in my heart of hearts, but it’s pretty up there. The atrium is an amazing space; I can’t wait to check it out during the day.

I took my SLR camera and I think (I hope) I got some good pictures. I saw people taking digital photos of the art, but a security guard told me I couldn’t take pictures. I have no flash, so I don’t know what was up with that. Perhaps just for that room I couldn’t take pictures? Anyway, I mainly took pictures of the structure itself and not the art.

There were two pieces I didn’t see, and I wonder what happened to them. One, my favorite piece of their collection, is a painting of an empty apartment. You can tell someone has made it appear that there is a male presence there. I LOVE this piece (although I obviously don’t remember the artist or title) and couldn’t find it on Saturday. I also didn’t see the sculpture consisting of cardboard boxes and latex “blood” (it’s a message about immigration, I think). Perhaps I just missed them, or they will display them later.

We left about 10pm, and the line then was even longer than when we got there.

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