Let me be frank

Yesterday after church a group of us met at Marisco’s on 6th (where they messed up my order, but that’s another story). This guy from PC(USA) was there to lead us in a focus group on our views on spirituality. They are trying to figure out how to get more “young people” (under 40) involved in the church. Our newly-formed group is full of very open-minded folk, and it was really interesting to hear how others worship, or what deeply spiritual experiences they have had. Our discussion covered s*x as a spiritual experience (is it? or not?), what spiritual practices we use during the week, and more. It was all over the place, but I think the guy was happy with the results.

Afterwards, one of the women in our group told me she appreciated how I speak frankly and honestly and that I had said things she wanted to say. I told her thanks, and that sometimes I do worry about putting myself out there. But I do feel very comfortable opening up to this group.

As a sidenote, the guy from the church in Louisville was pretty attractive, and I admit that I googled him. I found out that In the Pink Texas had mentioned him almost a year ago. Random.



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2 responses to “Let me be frank

  1. oso

    I think this may qualify as your s*xiest post yet. So, you gonna ask him out? Sounds like he could be a good guy to get spiritual with.

  2. It sounds like you are way more involved in your church than I ever was. The closest thing I’ve experienced to that is watching a Frontline special on George W. Bush. I guess I’m not one for faith and spirituality.